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    Game Changer Movement


    The chairman of the New Era Global Talents Education Association had worked at BCG's (Boston Consulting Group) offices in Asia and the U.S. for many years. She saw many from all over the world looking forward to contributing to society, changing the world, and filling lives with meaning.


    The chairman spent many years studying the thinking and action theories from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.


    We believe that young people can develop the habits of See Think Wonder and use it in their life-planning. Think about how they can contribute to the world and what educations they need (e.g., high school, university, graduate school) to fulfill their meaningful lives.

  • Game Changer Movement: Three Major Projects


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    See Think Wonder Challenge

    The world's first series of challenges designed to train Harvard-level thinking skills, co-designed with Flossie Chua, the Principal Investigator of Harvard Project Zero, to establish high school students thinking ability as the basis for future action.


    The 3rd Challenge has ended in April 2024, with participants from all over Taiwan. Judges included New Taipei City Youth Bureau Director, National Taiwan Normal University Department of Education Professor, CommonWealth Parenting Magazine Editor-in-Chief, O'right Chairman, and NTU D-School Innovation Director. The 2025 competition will implement a two-stage selection process, with pre-competition training and two online assessments. Those who pass the assessments will then advance to the corporate competition to gain a deeper understanding of sustainability issues and propose corresponding solutions, allowing potential future talents to accumulate project collaboration experience and cultivate innovation capabilities in line with enterprises while still in high school.

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    See Think Wonder Teacher Resource

    Cultivates a multinational team of seed teachers to discuss ways to cultivate Asia's Game Changer Mindsets and develop a teaching plan database. Allow students to immerse themselves in classroom thinking and training.


    Three online seminars for teachers were held during the third Challenge, inviting outstanding educators from around the world, such as Betty, president of theFlipped Education, Dr. Hang Kim Hoo, president of the Singapore Mathematical Society, and Jeff Liu, innovation director of NTU D-School (in alphabetical order by surname) to explain how to apply the STW thinking method in different contexts. They also collaborated with teachers from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore to create the "lesson plan database" and "teacher's manual" for applying STW thinking methods to each subject, which are open source for global use. Educators from around the world can use the database and manual to teach students how to develop their thinking habits.

    Game Changer Project

    A three-year training plan for Game Changers. Trains the ability to execute international projects and develop practical execution skills while exerting influence.


    Thinking is the foundation of action. The Global Talents Project focuses on cultivating young people who are about to enter society by participating in cross-border association project tasks, developing Chinese-English communication and collaboration abilities, and through field internship projects, entering various organizations after graduation to become a socially impactful talent.


    Participants will gain experience in action through practical work, including program ideation, testing and modification, resource allocation, and coordination with different parties. This project aims to train outstanding talent who care about society, are adept at overcoming difficulties, breaking through frameworks, and collaborating across domains, and can enter businesses, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and other units in various fields, working together to bring about real change in society.

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  • About Us

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    New Era Global Talents Education Association


    The New Era Global Talents Education Association is committed to cultivating social talent with See Think Wonder thinking and action skills. The association's chairman leads college students who are passionate and idealistic about society to promote meaningful activities for society, create various possibilities for human society, and let more people see how to combine pragmatism and ideals. For example, by creating the See Think Wonder Challenge, an event with international influence, the world can see the next generation with See Think Wonder's thinking skills and action skills rising in some corners of the world, shaping the future social landscape.