• Objective

    Training for high school and college students

    Thinking Routine

    High School/College Students

    In addition to observation and thinking skills, the Challenge also inspires the development of self-directed learning and creative thinking about sustainability designs.


    High School/College Students

    Students will discover that everything in the world is a resource for See Think Wonder and be encouraged to be creative and fact-based.

    International Vision

    High School Students

    To make the Challenge a bridge between Taiwanese and international students, we sent invitations to Hong Kong and Singapore for cross-region exchanges.

    Sustainability Mindset

    High School Students

    By building students' systematic thinking about social sustainability and economic constraints, they will understand the multiple facets that need to be considered to take both into account.


    High School Students

    We hope to breed a "thinking habit" for high school students through the Challenge and share the method open source to educators around the world

    Future Talents

    College Students

    Although the Challenge is mainly for high school students, college students can also participate in the preparation and get in touch with the real world.

  • Challenge Results 

    5803 Challengers

    Participated See Think Wonder Challenge

    280 Schools

    Across Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore

    2 Awards

    Recognized by CommonWealth Education and Global Views - Commonwealth Publishing Group

  • 2024 Highlights

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    Keep International

    Continue and expand competition cooperation between Hong Kong and Singapore to provide more opportunities for students in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore to learn from each other. Enable high school students from the three regions to broaden their horizons and gradually develop cross-border communication and cooperation capabilities.

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    Collaboration with Corporations

    Expand cooperation with more enterprises to provide STW participants with more opportunities to connect with a wider range of companies and gain a deeper understanding of the sustainability achievements of different enterprises.

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    Thinking Seed

    Develop STW thinking method teaching resources, including the "lesson plan database" and self-study resources, to enable teachers and students to learn and apply the STW thinking method in classrooms and daily life through globally open-source materials.

  • 2025 Goals

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    Connect to Schools

    Establish the competition as an inter-school event between Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Introduce a new school team registration system to allow high school students from the three regions to compete on behalf of their schools and receive teacher training, broadening their horizons and gradually developing cross-border communication and cooperation skills.

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    Open to the world

    Open global registration: This year's competition is not limited to the three regions of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Anyone interested in the STW thinking method or who wants to challenge themselves is welcome to participate.

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    Connect to Corporates

    Collaborate with Challenge partner companies to expand internship opportunities and project experience, allowing Game Changer to have more opportunities to connect with partner companies and different organizations, and to train early on for competitiveness in society.