• Cultivating Talents

    Establish an "academy system" to build a cycle by passing on the experience of international talents and the tradition of hands-on teaching. Let the "fresh graduates" who have accumulated practical experience inside and outside the country become the next baton to nurture high school and college students, thus forming a sustainable talent cultivation cycle.


    High School Students

    Progressive training of basic skills such as independent thinking, communication and expression, and time management through situational simulation.


    College Students

    Through real-life projects, the association takes college students on challenging international projects to develop "real-world" action skills hands-on.


    Fresh Graduates

    Social talents promoting projects will be integrated into society and enter industries, social enterprises, NPOs, government organizations, and other teams to bring positive social influences.

  • 2025 Goals

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    Develop Corporate Internship Program Collaboration

    Collaborate with participating companies to expand internship opportunities for STW team partners, providing them with more opportunities to connect with partner companies and engage in summer or semester internship programs. This will broaden the horizons of young professionals, enhance their soft and hard skills, and prepare them for success in the workplace.

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    Create Online Career Development Courses

    Design a series of career-related training courses and record them, making them available to all past team members to help them cultivate their future workplace competitiveness.

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    Establish an International Talent Pool

    Guide team members in writing their resumes and establish a talent resume pool. Connect the resume pool with participating companies to find team members in corresponding fields, providing more opportunities for team members to have their resumes seen.

  • Number of Game Changers of Each Year

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    20 People

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    30 People

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    35 People