• Cultivating Talents

    Establish an "academy system" to build a cycle by passing on the experience of international talents and the tradition of hands-on teaching. Let the "fresh graduates" who have accumulated practical experience inside and outside the country become the next baton to nurture high school and college students, thus forming a sustainable talent cultivation cycle.


    High School Students

    Progressive training of basic skills such as independent thinking, communication and expression, and time management through situational simulation.


    College Students

    Through real-life projects, the association takes college students on challenging international projects to develop "real-world" action skills hands-on.


    Fresh Graduates

    Social talents promoting projects will be integrated into society and enter industries, social enterprises, NPOs, government organizations, and other teams to bring positive social influences.

  • Listen to What They Say

    Note: Twin Oaks is the predecessor of the association. Before the establishment of the association, it was already promoting the cultivation of social talents.